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The blond neko blinked as he stared at the message. A heart if they had a crush on them… He supposed it was obvious, but he hadn’t thought about it.

So Izaya had a crush on him… But what to do about it? It wasn’t like he just talk to the other about it, could he? Really, he didn’t know. The other neko had to have known he got the message when sending it, so he should bring it up, right?

Really, he didn’t know. Maybe if Izaya came over, he’d be able to talk to the other and figure things out.

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  1. izanyanorihara said: [lol XD okay okay~] Izaya sighed, staring at his phone after the message had sent. Would Shizuo reply, or would he ignore it? Maybe it hadn’t gone through. He shut his phone and pocketed it before starting on his way. Maybe he would run into Shizuo.
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