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[lol XD okay okay~] Izaya sighed, staring at his phone after the message had sent. Would Shizuo reply, or would he ignore it? Maybe it hadn’t gone through. He shut his phone and pocketed it before starting on his way. Maybe he would run into Shizuo.

To be honest, Shizuo hadn’t been expecting a reply like that. Oh well. With a light sigh, he pocketed his cell now. It’d do no good to just sit around all day. He supposed that he’d go for a walk.

Course he may or may not run into Izaya that way, but if he did, they’d be able to talk.

He shook his head as he wandered around the city. Really, he was glad it was a nice day out.

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    Shizuo nodded before grabbing a book and flipping through it. Hmm… This seemed like a good one… But he’d still look at...
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    “Ahh, well flip through and see if they have pictures first. You have to know what you’re cooking." he advised, sitting...